Family Time for Play and Fun


Summer has always been synonymous with fun and play, especially for children. With so many activities to enjoy, here are some of the best ways to spend a memorable summer with the kids.

Grow a garden. Gardening is one of the best summer activities for you and your kids. Growing a garden is an excellent physical activity. It is also a very rewarding experience to watch your plants grow and blossom or bear fruit. A fruit or vegetable garden is likewise a good source of fresh produce for your whole family to enjoy during harvest time.

Plan a camping and stargazing getaway. Summertime offers plenty of outdoor activities for kids. Schedule some time away from work to enjoy the great outdoors with your family. Make room for a pack and play travel adventure. You can go on hiking or camping trips. Spending some time in the wilderness can be a great opportunity to develop a deeper appreciation of your nature.

Cook something together. Invite your kids to go shopping with you at the local market. Let them help you pick fresh fruits and vegetables needed to prepare a delicious meal. Introducing them to the benefits of healthy eating and the joys of home cooking is a great way to teach the importance of nutrition to their health and wellness.

Go for a morning or evening stroll. Spend more time outside by going out for walks. Explore your neighborhood or go to the nearest park or woods and encourage your kids to collect fallen leaves. They can create nature journals or scrapbooks so they can keep a record of the things they discover outdoors.

Why You Should Connect Kids To Nature More Often


The food we eat and the water we drink, it’s because of Mother Nature. The air we breathe and the fire we make, it’s because of Mother Nature.

But you know what?

Mother Nature still has much to offer – more than what one can ever imagine.

That being said, here’s why you should connect kids to nature more often:

Nature helps improve a kid’s adaptability to change.

Believe it or not, it’s riskier to let your kid stay indoors. And believe it or not, it’s healthier to let your kid stay outdoors. Always remember, the only thing constant in this world is change. Staying indoors is synonymous to being inactive. The more inactive a kid is, the harder for him to adapt in other kinds of environment. Staying outdoors, on the other hand, is synonymous to being active. The more active a kid is, the easier for him to adapt in other kinds of environment.

Nature helps improve a kid’s capability to learn.

Learning is not just about reading books. It’s also about learning to see things from different perspectives. It’s also about learning to experience things from different situations. These, along with the help of nature, will not just make a kid want to learn more about things. It will also make a kid want to see more things, making him appreciate the world even more. It will also make a kid want to experience more of the world, making him appreciate life even more.

Nature helps improve a kid’s capacity to feel.

Sometimes, all a kid needs is to be understood. And sometimes, all a kid needs is to be loved. Connecting your kid to nature will not only help him do these, but also help him come to terms with every emotion he will feel as he grows up. Always remember: a kid needs guidance, just as much as a child emotional needs. A kid also needs training, just as much as a child with mental needs. Because at the end of the day, all they need is someone to care for them.